The OPT Model

Our Clients will experience the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model. This model of integrated training was developed by the National Academy of Sport Medicine according to the most advanced research. So here is a short explanation of what it is. The OPT model is composed of 3 different phases, Stabilization, Strength and Power.

1) Stabilization.The goals in this phase are to increase muscular stabilization, muscular endurance, stability, flexibility and optimum levels of neuromuscular efficiency (control). This phase will help prepare the neuromuscular system for the higher intensities of exercise that will be experienced in the following phases.

2) Strength. There are 3 different levels within the strength phase: Strength Endurance, Hypertrophy and Maximal Strength. Hypertrophy and Maximal Strength are optional.

Strength Endurance: The goal is to maintain stabilization endurance while increasing prime mover strength. This level helps to improve the ability to produce higher forces for a longer time.

Strength Hypertrophy: This level is for people who want to increase the size of their muscles. This level requires a high level of training intensity and volume. Not everybody want to build muscles to their optimal size so this level is optional.

Maximal Strength: This level is for people who want to achieve maximal force production with maximal prime mover strength by lifting heavy loads. Not everybody want to reach their maximum optimal strength so this level is optional.

3) PowerThis level of training emphasizes the development of speed and power while maintaining or enhancing the strength of the prime mover muscles.